Fire Dances

I was given as a gift the book Sai’k’uz Ts’eke Stoney Creek Woman The Story of Mary John by Bridget Moran. I was very moved by her story.When I moved to the north I was blessed to stay at a cabin at the Potlatch House with the Carrier People.  At this time in my life I was experiencing a kind of renewal and I spent some very good times with a friend who would visit me and we would make a fire and talk and be comforted.
The idea of the comfort of a camp fire goes well back into my childhood, and as the embers rose from the flames, I saw them dance. It was my hope that like the dancing embers, my problems could be carried away into the darkness of the night sky and be no more.
The music was written while I attended university and was originally set to other lyrics.

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