Music is written for the listener, you….enjoy listening to my songs, in full, from my Reverbnation site. Choose the  ….I hope you find a song just for you.

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I am sorry that my music store is no longer available due to technical difficulties. I have made all my songs available for streaming or purchase from Reverberation. Here is the link:


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I am in the process of recording this new album. As I complete each song I will have it available for you for streaming and for purchase. This album theme is light and the colors of the spectrum. Each song uses a color of light the spectrum or forms of light in the theme. I have included world music elements to this album as well as unique instrumentation and song styles. I hope you enjoy these new works.   I have five songs available from this album at the Reverbnation link.


“I chose the title ‘Elements’ for my album and used the four classical elements, Fire-air-earth-water, as a theme for this song cycle collection. I wanted to connect the stories in the individual songs with the elements of nature and how these are interwoven in our lives. These elements also serve as metaphors in my tone paintings.
I chose to use music composition technique of tone painting as a genre to develop my songs since I enjoy writing in various music genres.

I wanted the sounds, the texture of the music, the style, the tone, and other facets of sound to tell the stories. The songs are organized in groupings based on the principle element used as metaphor, although some songs contain several references to the other elements.
This theme allowed me to create poetry that ties the human story to our environment.
Each song has its own story, written in a manner to leave  room for the listener’s own imagination and life experiences to interpret the song their own way.”

How to contact me

email: lybertypearl@gmail.com

Surrey BC



Biography: Lynn Langtry
Lynn is a songwriter singer, a novelist as well as a visual artist. She weaves her creativity through these various avenues of expression, to complement each other, and to touch the imaginations of her fans through the senses of sight and sound.

Lynn is very grateful and feels privileged to have studied voice with Talore T. Fox (aka Trudy Bluckler Blake); and Tellie Kahara. Thank you.
As a music teacher, Lynn has had the privilege and delight teaching music to students in Gillam with the Frontier School District of Manitoba, where she implemented the fiddle classes in that community as part of a district-wide program. She was delighted to work with many talented educators during that process.
Lynn moved to British Columbia and found it a joy to teach music there as well. Additionally, Lynn developed a traveling fiddle program for School District 91` Nechako Lakes, with the help and support of many individuals with whom she worked with. Many thanks to all the educators and all support staff members.
Lynn also was the producer/ director and soprano in a concert tour and cultural exchange project: Amethyst Concert Group 2003 in Dominican Republic. Along with many events for music students, the group performed in several high profile concerts. Lynn Langtry along with Soprano Silvia Griffiths performed for Presidente Hipolito Mejia and First Lady Rosa Gomez de Mejia.

While living in the mountain village of Escazu, Costa Rica, Lynn marveled at the wonders of the unique natural environment of the Costa Rican ranges, the hospitality and kindness of the villagers and the idea of stories hidden away in history. She has published an historical fiction novel set is Costa Rica, entitled, “The Treasure of My Heart.” Lynn has also written several short stories, poetry and song lyrics.

Lynn has been a visual artist from a young age. She began to paint in oils at the age of 12. She had her first commission at age 15. She continues to enjoy a variety of genres and themes including portraits, landscapes and abstract works. Her work includes: drawings in various mediums, including mixed media; paintings in oil, acrylic, ink and watercolor; ceramics and sculpture; photography, both stills and film, as well as computer art.

Bachelor of Education: Music & English; first class standing
Honours Bachelor of Music: Major in Classical Vocal Studies; Minor in English; first class standing;       Diploma in Music
BC Teacher; Ontario Certified teacher; Active member of the BCTF, BCMEA, SOCAN.

Some of Lynn Achievements:

Public Music Performance

2002-2003      CONCERT TOUR:      Amethyst Concert Group: Founder, Director, Soprano: Dominican Rep. Cultural Exchange Project and Concert Tour, February, 2003.

  • With the support of representatives from the Dominican Republic: Don Fransisco Hernandez, conductor & violinist; The Minister of culture of the city of  La Vega, Don Florencio de Silia.
  • Touring Members: Lynn Langtry, soprano; Silvia Griffiths, soprano;  Dale Black, Baritone  ;Joel Black, piano; Susan Kelly, piano ; Kate Sidler, saxophone; Crystal Boggs, percussion; John Kelly, technical support.
  • Other  members who performed at fundraisers: Laurie Lanktree, soprano; Paul Smith, classical guitar; Gerylyn Anderson, stage manager.;African drumming Group.
  • Performed for President Hipolito Mejia & the First Lady, Rosa Gomez de Mejia.
  • Directed and performed in two concerts in honor of Mayor Fausto Ruiz & Governor Marino Abreu, La Vega, Dominican Republic.
  • Conducted music education workshops: choral & mixed instrumental with Students of the local high school in La Vega.

2001-2002           Performed two solo recitals at Lakehead University.

2000-2002            Performed with Lakehead New Music Ensemble;  International Folk Music Ensemble;                                Lakehead University Chorus;  Lakehead University Chamber Ensemble.

1998-2000            Performed with Kwantlen Strings (violin and viola); Kwantlen Percussion Ensemble;         Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Black Magic; Vocal Recitals.

Lynn’s Music Compositions Public Performances

Lynn has more than 20 opus in the National Library of Canada

Album 2017: Lynn is currently working on her new album; Color of Light

Album 2010: Elements:  Tone Painting of Northern Life and Land :   Recorded by Lynn Langtry and band members: Lynae Muller; Kevin Jorde; Sass Smitham; Russ Smith.

2003                      Snowfall Mirage         performed by:       Amethyst Concert Group.

2001                      The Mirror Maze         performed by:        Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra.

2001                      Mini                                  performed by:     Lakehead University New Music Ensemble.

2000                      Blue Mist                       performed by:       Carly Chan, Soprano, Kwantlen University College.

1999                      The Mirror Maze         performed by:        Jane Hayes, Piano, Kwantlen University College.

Visual Arts

2002                Red Pepper & Naranja , Acrylic, Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

2000                Beethoven , Ceramic Mask, Kwantlen University College Gallery





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