As our first fiddling year drew to a close we celebrated a year of success on the part of our students. It has been my pleasure and honour to have had this wonderful opportunity during the  year to introduce the fiddle program and to see such enthusiasm, hard work and dedication of our students throughout our district.

It is with this motivation at heart, and the desire to make fiddles available to all interested students, that I held a fiddle fundraiser on July 16th 2009, in Fort St, James. With the support and collaboration of Cam McCormick and Max Marshall and many others, I swam across Stuart lake on behalf of our young fiddlers, approximately the distance of 10 km.

Students had the opportunity to purchase personal fiddles by collecting sponsorship pledges for the swim. The swim took place for the opening of   Cottonwood Music Festival in Fort St. James. Many students were able to purchase personal violins and  School District 91 was granted a special discount for violin purchases for the event from the Kessler Violin Shop in Chelmsford Ontario. Thank you Peter and Sheila.

Violin Lynn


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