One thought on “The Spotlight Zone
  1. Oh my goodness, I have to say with honor and integrity that when we became friends in music and on the Spotlight Zone I did not know another person had similar ideas in regards to visual painting matching emotion of the songs.

    I thought that it was perfect. Many years ago while on stage I sold many paintings during small time shows etc. I am sorry to say that I didn’t see myself going anywhere at the Zone so I left again before I could read your 2 recent comments on my profile etc. Tonight I took the time exploring your music and art. I had no idea, I knew you were an author but blown away with the work you have done. With all the integrity I have been creating something similar and not the first. Sorry I missed the remarks. You have always been kind with messages.

    I suppose some thought I was a copy cat. Well, for me I am going back to my hobby I have some incomplete work to finish and some new ideas. Just a creator, I did not know your fame, GREAT WORK! (My wife is still ill and on 3rd year of worsening) It was not my time nor destiny, It is a great hobby.
    Best Regards
    Phillip Lacy 12-13-2015

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