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“As much as I enjoy composing, the making of this music is meant for you, the listener…I am sure there is a song just for you.”

‘COLOR OF LIGHT’:      This album theme is light and the colors of the spectrum. Each song uses a color of light in the spectrum or forms of light as a theme. I have included world music elements to this album as well as unique instrumentation and song styles.

  • Crimson Rose
    Crimson Rose
  • Purple Hearts
    Purple Hearts
  • Sunset's Kiss
    Sunset's Kiss
  • Drifting Into the Blue
    Drifting Into the Blue
  • Indigo
  • Fog

ELEMENTS: I chose this for my album and used the four classical elements, Fire-air-earth-water,  as a themes for this song cycle collection.  to connect the stories in the individual songs with the elements of nature and how these are interwoven in our lives.

  • Blue Mist
    Blue Mist
  • Lost
  • Northern Lights Show
    Northern Lights Show
  • Blue Mist Dream
    Blue Mist Dream
  • Where Roses Bloom
    Where Roses Bloom
  • Fire Dances
    Fire Dances
  • Snowfall Mirage
    Snowfall Mirage
  • The Hidden Child
    The Hidden Child

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