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“As much as I enjoy composing, the making of this music is meant for you, the listener…I am sure there is a song just for you.”

ELEMENTS: This project has been an exciting and  heart-warming experience. Writing the  music was in itself a rewarding project;  however, working with local musicians brought it to new dimensions and transformed it into a delightful and memorable experience that I cannot describe in words.
I chose to use   music composition technique of  Tone Painting  as a genre to developed my songs since I enjoy writing music in various styles. I wanted the sounds, the texture of the music, the style, the tone, and other facets of sound to tell the stories… you may find your story in one of my songs.

‘COLOR OF LIGHT’:     I am in the process of recording this new album. As I complete each song I will have it available for you for streaming and for purchase. This album theme is light and the colors of the spectrum. Each song uses a color of light in the spectrum or forms of light as a theme. I have included world music elements to this album as well as unique instrumentation and song styles. I hope you enjoy these new works.   I have five songs available from this album at the Reverbnation link.


I am sorry that my music store is no longer available due to technical difficulties. I have made all my songs available for streaming and/or purchase from Reverberation. Here is the link:


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